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Improve Your Mobile Home Curb Appeal with These 5 Affordable Solutions

The largest purchase you’ll ever make is your home. If you own a mobile home, take pride in its appearance! It makes a difference no matter if you view it as an investment and plan on eventually selling or if you are settled in for the long term. An attractive home can really stand out in the neighborhood.

A home’s appearance can be improved in many ways. If you are watching your bank account or aren’t keen on a major project, don’t worry. There are several ways to make a noticeable difference without breaking the bank. In this article, we’ve compiled a list of affordable solutions to improve your mobile home curb appeal quickly and easily.

1. Clean or Paint the Exterior

It’s not necessary to get new siding for your mobile home to improve its curb appeal. In many cases, cleaning up the exterior helps. It might surprise you how much the color will stand out again after a good exterior wash.

Painting is also an option if cleaning didn’t accomplish what you were hoping for or if you’re just ready for a change. You could go with a subtle change in color or go with something completely different. Painting breathes new life into the home, and it doesn’t cost a lot or require too much labor!

2. Replace the Skirting

Don’t have the budget or time to do a full remodel of your mobile home? A good compromise that increases curb appeal is to replace the skirting. It’s a good investment especially if your existing skirting is discolored, cracked or broken.

The mobile home skirting available at Royal-Durham Supply is both great-looking and durable. You can find skirting that will complement any home and neighborhood, and you won’t have to worry about it deteriorating for a long time. It’s designed to resist damage caused by weather, lawn care tasks, overzealous children and more.

3. Do Some Landscaping

You can improve mobile home curb appeal without even touching the home. The property around it is just as important to maintain. A good-looking home will be diminished if its surroundings are unappealing.

An easy place to start is the lawn. Eliminate eyesores by cleaning up any debris or clutter on the property. Either throw it away or find someplace out of sight to store it. You can then focus on ensuring your grass is green and lush. Add fertilizer to keep grass healthy, and remove any weeds that appear by pulling or spraying them. You should also regularly mow and edge the yard to prevent it from getting unruly.

For an added shot of curb appeal, add landscaping around your mobile home. You can really improve the look of your property by adding mulch, planting flowers, installing window boxes, etc.

4. Upgrade the Steps

If your existing steps are worn out or just don’t add to the appeal of your mobile home, upgrade them! The right steps make the home more inviting. There are many styles and configurations available to not only fit your preferences, but certain options are also low-maintenance and don’t require much work once they’re installed.

Royal-Durham Supply steps include fiberglass steps and treated wood steps in various sizes, styles and configurations. Find the step, platform and railing options that will keep your mobile home looking great for years to come!                

5. Replace the Mailbox

You might not think the mailbox on your property impacts curb appeal, but it does! If your mailbox is rusty, damaged or outdated, replace it to instantly boost your curb appeal. It makes sense when you consider that the mailbox, being next to the road, will be one of the first things people see when they look at your property.

Mailboxes come in many styles and colors. You should have no problem finding something that complements the style of your home and the overall look of your property.

Improve Your Mobile Home Curb Appeal on a Budget

Inspired to improve your mobile home curb appeal now? It doesn’t take a fortune or lots of difficult work to enhance it. With just a few affordable solutions like the ones we covered in this article, your mobile home can go from plain to dazzling in no time!